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Portfolio Methodolgy

Investment Objective:

To fund commercial litigation cases with measurable impact while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.

To use law as a powerful tool for social and environmental change.  

Investment Strategy:

Aristata will cover litigation-related costs and enable the best commercial law firms and litigators to engage in impactful cases.

In return, Aristata will receive a share of the proceeds when a case achieves a positive outcome.

Aristata uses a clear methodology to assess impact, review legal/commercial merits, manage risk and execute its investment objectives and strategy:

High Quality Investments

- Social and Environmental Impact

- Economic

- Recoverability

- Legal Merits

- Legal Team and Strategy

Diversity of:

- Claims

- Source

- Jurisdiction

- Impact

- Case Budget Size


- Case Type (to resolution and point of investment, liability/enforcement)
- Timeline of Expection Outcome

Portfolio Methodology: Portfolio
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